A man named Wade Powell had a zit on his face for four years — and his wife, Khristina, finally had enough.

The Oklahoma-based resident shared this video on his Facebook page, captioned, “Had this spot on my cheek for a long time! This is what happens when your wife is a nurse. Lol.”

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In the three-minute video, Khristina — who works as a registered nurse — digs her pink nails into the skin in the middle of his cheek that surrounds the zit. Wade whimpers in pain at the start of the ordeal, but no one was prepared for the horror that happens next.

So. much. pus.

wade powell facebook

Seriously — do not press play if you’re in the middle of a meal or incredibly squeamish. This is not for you. It’s seriously more disgusting, yet fascinating, than anything you have ever seen.

Poor Khristina tries to be a good sport and offers her husband words of encouragement during this process, though we believe she is a victim in this situation considering she is the one doing the popping and facing the explosion!

The video almost instantly went viral and was picked up by various new outlets — and many viewers agreed that this looks more like a cyst than a zit. They suggested that he go and get the sac removed by a dermatologist so it doesn’t keep coming back.

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Others who watched called out his lady for doing the pimple-popping procedure with “unclean” hands, which she clarified on Facebook.

“My fingernails are stained by the way,” she wrote in the comments. “I’m not picking at him with dirty hands!”

Khristina definitely wins wifey of the year for this — and seriously, talk about #RelationshipGoals.

Watch the horrifying video below at your own risk (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT)!

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