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Are the Dillards Getting Exiled From the Duggars? If So, That’s Cool With Me

It finally happened: after months of hysterical tweets, starting with the Jazz Jennings controversy and spiraling into blatant insanity, Derick Dillard switched his Twitter account to private. We can only imagine that Jim Bob Duggar really put his foot down about this because the Duggars probably hate Derick for the nonsense he's put them through. In fact, since Jill and Derick have already been excommunicated from Counting On as a result of the backlash, we're starting to believe they're getting cut off from the rest of the family. To which I say, about time.

FACTS: what does Derick actually add to the Duggar fandom, besides a lightning pole for hatred now that Josh sightings are so sparse? Derick is transphobic, homophobic, rude, crude, and physically a troll. And as for Jill? At her best, is the most boring Duggar daughter, bland against mean queens, martyrs, miracle babies, pants-wearers, and of course, stone-faced Jordyn-Grace. Seriously, the best member of that family is Samuel Dillard, hands down.

So are the Duggars getting wise to this and shutting them out? Hard to say. In Duggarland, the move is to smile mindlessly through any sort of drama and controversy, denying that anything's truly wrong to begin with. In that sense, we can only pick up on tensions through little passive aggressive moves instead of bold statements. And with Derick finally being entombed on Twitter, we're guessing that the Duggars are none-too-thrilled with the couple right now. Let's take a look at the receipts thus far.

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