We’ve always known the Duggars were cheap, but on this week’s episode of Dishin’ on the Duggars, we’re really diving deep into their money habits. How does the family make their money, what are they spending it all on, and how are they saving so much? More importantly, what are they saving it for? Is their “buy used, save the difference” mantra real or is that just a tip they share with their TV audience when they’re trying to project a fiscally responsible, frugal image? Is Starbucks their one splurge or are they secretly burning through the cash they get from filming Counting On? We’re talking about all of that and more. Listen in to the full episode above, and get the highlights below. 

The Duggars love to go thrift-shopping.

So much so that they’ve even made it into a date-night activity, which we’ve all seen on TLC. Jessa Duggar and Jinger Duggar are the queens of it, but the whole family loves to get involved. They don’t just go when it’s a Friday night and there’s no pure Christian movies playing at the theater, though. They’ll also go just to pick up a bunch of clothes that some younger sibling may or may not end up wearing — or so they can jack up the price and resell some of that score for extra pocket change. That’s not exactly “buy used, save the difference,” but if “buy used, sell used, take that money to buy actually new clothes” works for them, maybe that’s the new motto. 

They’ll do anything for a free hand-out. 

Dressing up like a cow for Chick-fil-A? Getting into the pirate spirit for Krispy Kreme? They’re all over it, but that’s hardly even the bare minimum. Don’t forget how they hit up Marketplace Grill for every Duggar family birthday so they can score that free Chocolate Mess. And who can forget all the times that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have straight up just asked their fans for money so that they can go on another mission trip to South America without having to spend a dime of their own? When it comes to getting a bargain or a steal, there’s no such thing as dignity. The Duggars love free stuff, and they’ll do pretty much anything for it.

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The Duggars have always had money. 

They’ve always had debt too, to be clear. Don’t let them try and tell you any differently. But the fact that Grandma and Grandpa Duggar had real estate to spare and pass down to the younger generations, plus Jim Bob Duggar‘s own real estate investments, means that there’s been plenty of money and land to share. Basically every kid was gifted somewhere to live the second they got married, so no one’s really hard up for cash to any real degree. And if they weren’t given a house by their parents, well, they got it from somewhere else. John David Duggar may be one of the only Duggars who’s worked an actual job, but he also scored a free place to live (once he’s married, of course) by doing a clean up project for a bank. Even Jason Duggar had a house that he flipped and sold, and he’s only 18. For all the details, check out our full take now.

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