With the first day of fall around the corner, students everywhere are back in class, and the Duggars have some advice for parents who are still getting used to the school-year schedule. “I know many moms and dads are in ‘back-to-school’ mode and have a thousand things to think about and many stressors in your life,” Michelle Duggar wrote on the family’s Facebook page. 

“Recently, I was reading in God’s word,” the mom of 19 continued. “‘Be anxious for nothing.’ It was such a beautiful reminder that God has everything in control. He is working things out on our behalf. We have to place our trust in Him and He will direct our steps.”

It’s not bad advice, but some fans had to wonder why the Duggars of all people were the ones to give it out. Sure, the “back-to-school” schedule would certainly be extra crazy with 19 kids, but, uh, the Duggars don’t go to school. And they don’t really go to work either. So they’re not exactly out here rushing to drop the kids off before the morning bell so that they can make it to the office on time. They’re not at the store making sure everyone has exactly as many three-ring binders and #2 pencils as their syllabi require. All they need to do in the mornings is corral everyone into the kitchen when the school day is ready to start. And, uh, we’re pretty sure that Jana Duggar probably does that. 

Other fans had a simple message for the family: Stay in your lane. “Oh, the overt irony of that post,” commented one Facebook user, and we can’t help but agree. Schedules can be crazy for everyone, sure, but when it comes to homeschooling 19 kids — which you’ve just put your oldest daughters and their best friend in charge of instead of handling it yourself — we’re pretty sure that Michelle has it easier than most. So while we’ll take the advice this time around, next time, we’ll probably get it from someone who can, you know, actually relate. 

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