Um, sorry, what did she just say? Did Jill Duggar just say that her super sassy son Samuel Dillard was flirting with her? She did? Oh, okay. Of course she did. Because that’s a totally normal thing to say about your toddler son. 

In a recent YouTube video posted to the Dillard family channel, Jill shared a clip of little Sam eating, playing peek-a-boo, you know, doing normal baby stuff. It was pretty adorable in the way that most of the Duggar family’s pictures and videos of their little kids are. But what was weird about this post was that Jill had titled the video, “Samuel Dillard flirts with his Momma,” even though, you know, the clip also showed her trying to teach him how to blow kisses and him absolutely refusing to even try. 

Fans couldn’t help but be just as weirded out as we are — but because Jill disabled the YouTube comments, they took to reddit to discuss it. “Maybe she doesn’t know what the word ‘flirt’ means?” joked one user. “I always find it weird when people say babies are ‘flirting,'” they continued. “You’re sexualizing a f–king baby… It is such an odd choice of words.” 

We’re sure the whole thing was meant super innocently — but it’s just one more example in a long line of the famous family being straight up weird AF. From public PDA as married couples to Instagram makeout sessions to hardly even being allowed to touch when you’re courting, the family doesn’t exactly have average views about sex, dating, and flirting. 

So saying that your son is flirting with you by just, you know, being a baby? Well, it just goes to show that maybe Jill really doesn’t know what flirting is. If we’re being honest, we wouldn’t be shocked. After all, her most recent date night included sitting in a law school lecture — not exactly sexy stuff. Maybe from now on Jill should keep the flirting between her and #besthubbyever, aka Derick Dillard, and show her son a different kind of love.

Speaking of flirting, the Duggars lead some wild sex lives. Check out our episode of Dishin’ on the Duggars’ below to see what we had to say on the subject. Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play.

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