We're not sure if you picked up on this, but here at In Touch we tend to keep track of the Duggar family members rather religiously. And yet, can we make a confession? We can recognize Jana and Jill next to a brace-faced Derick Dillard, or even Jessa sporting a slightly smug grin from a mile away. But when it gets to that second round of little kids, the ones that aren't announcing courtships, engagements, and babies, it gets way trickier. And yes, even when you cover the family five days a week, you struggle to tell the difference between the Jameses and the Jasons. Watch our video above to see which Duggars kids no one can tell apart.

We put our team up to the test and were… well, terrified with the results, whether they were wrong or right. Sure, some of us could name the Duggar kids quicker than our biological cousins. Others struggled trying to figure out the near-identical little ones. The daughters we can maybe figure out, but the boys? Come on. And all of us had to wrestle with one haunting question: is there, in fact, a Justin Duggar?! We had to do some deep Googling after, suffice to say it's weird that name didn't come up with the first tier of sons.

Anyway, feel free to play around as Duggar experts and uh, non-experts try to figure out which Duggar is which. And here's a hint if you need to narrow a Duggar down: the name starts with J.

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