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Careers the Duggar Daughters Would Have If Only They Weren’t Born, Well, Duggars

One of the many, many downsides to being born one of the Duggar daughters is that your career objective is defaulted to "Wife and Mother." Seriously, even if you have wide-eyed hopes and dreams (and we mean Jinger wide-eyed) you're taught from day one that your main goal is to be a baby factory. Sure enough, the girls have plenty of training when it comes to child-rearing since, you know, Michelle really dropped the ball on that. But it's all rather sad because in their spare time, the girls have managed to develop a few talents…and left us to wonder what could've been.

In a supporting, loving household that treated women like you know, people, would Jana be defaulted to Mary Poppins status when she's a natural Mrs. Fix It? Would Joy-Anna had had a baby the second she exited her teens and got married? And would Jinger still be wasting her photography talents taking Instagram shots of her husband in Laredo?

Uh, no to all of that, especially since Jinger would be living in a city. But out of pained curiosity, we tried to imagine a world where the Duggar girls would be allowed to explore their hobbies, and (gasp) even get paid for it! Scroll down to see for yourself…

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