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The Little Duggars Are Constantly Carrying the Weight of Other Little Duggars — Literally

One of the many baffling things I've noticed by dedicating a dark segment of my life to the Duggars is the concerning amount of children holding children. Now, this family is always child-rich so it makes sense that someone (not Michelle) should be babysitting at all times. But I'm sorry, I still do a double-take when I see a 5-year-old awkwardly cradling their infant sibling or nephew. Not only do I wonder where's mom and dad during all of this, but I don't know what I'm more worried about: the child hurting its back, or the baby hurting its head.

So why is this a thing? We know that Michelle and Jim Bob are rather neglectful at times, but how did the next gen end up passing their kids off to their younger siblings? From my loose observation, it's as if having to raise their own siblings burnt out Jessa and Jill, so they manufactured their own buddy teams. And as far as Josh and Anna's kids go…well, pretty much anyone is a more trustworthy parent than Josh.

Because sharing my anxieties about this family is fun, cathartic, and the way I pay off my Journalism degree, I decided to isolate some of the more harrowing examples of little Duggars picking up their littler relatives. And reminder, we're talking about the Duggar kids when they are and were actually and legally kids. Like, if we want to show pictures of Jana raising other people's children, we might as well make a whole new story.

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