Alright, guys. It wouldn’t be the Internet without disgusting (yet weirdly satisfying) Dr. Pimple Popper videos. Sandra Lee, who is an MD in Dermatology recently uploaded a video montage of well, people getting their pimples popped. We’ve watched it (and had to pause at moments because, yes it is that gross) and decided to share it for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

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The Instagram video was posted on Aug. 18 and already has more than 820,000 views. Seriously, almost a million people have stopped whatever they were doing in their days to watch pus get pushed out of a stranger’s skin? But hey, we’re not judging since we’re the ones writing about the phenomenon of these viral videos. See what the fuss (or should we say pus?) is all about by watching the video below!

And, of course, fans have a lot of feelings about the vid and have been commenting freely ever since the post was uploaded. One wrote, “Omg what is wrong with you… that is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen wtf.” While another clearly had different feels about the video writing, “Perfect way to start my day.”

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We guess we get why the 2.5 million people are following Dr. Pimple Popper on Instagram. Maybe watching these videos is the equivalent of finally being able to scratch that one itch? It’s like a fetish… or something. But still, we only have one thing to say to all of those people who liked the video:

you nasty

No, seriously… if any of our friends try and tag us in any of these videos we’re blocking them ASAP. We would like to be excluded from this nasty narrative, please and thank you.

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