In a 2011 exclusive interview with In Touch, adult entertainer Stormy Daniels that she had an affair President Donald Trump in 2006 — and now, more details have been revealed about their relationship, which began less than four months after his wife Melania gave birth to their son Barron. Though she has since allegedly been given an NDA and $130,000 to keep quiet, at the time of the interview, she passed a lie-detector test and had her story corroborated by her friend Randy Spears and her ex-husband Mike Moz.

And now, In Touch can share exclusive information from the interview with Randy, in which he detailed what Stormy told him about her “textbook generic” sexual encounter with Trump. “She said it was pretty boring,” Randy told the mag in 2011. “I think she got a kick out of the fact that it was Donald Trump. She said, ‘I was making fun of his hair, I was making fun of his clothes. And he loved it. Maybe because no one ever talked to him like that.’ It was amazing to her that this über-powerful business [magnate] was just so easily poked fun at, [and that he] let down his guard and became almost sheepish around her like he was almost starstruck. She said, ‘It was almost like he was so taken with me that I could move him around like a puppet.’”

In the interview with In Touch, Stormy admitted that she feared that Trump would attempt to pay her after having sex, making it clear she wasn’t interested in making money. “I actually don’t even know why I did it, but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, ‘Please don’t try to pay me,’” she said.

Despite Stormy’s 2011 confession, Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen denied any affair, saying, “President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence, as has Ms. Daniels.” When reached for a comment, Stormy did not return any calls from In Touch, but in a letter dated Jan. 10, she denied the affair, calling the president “gracious, professional, and a complete gentleman.”

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