There’s been an important PSA. Duane “Dog” Chapman’s team shared an urgent message with fans, warning them to not fall victim to fake accounts asking for money in the wake of Beth Chapman’s death. A statement was posted about the scam via his official Facebook page on July 24, revealing that some people are trying to take advantage of his family’s loss.

“Please DO NOT accept ANY friend request from Dog or Beth Chapman, Duane Chapman, Alice Chapman or any other variation,” the message from Rainy Robinson read on Wednesday. “HE DOES NOT send friend requests and she can’t. DO NOT respond to ANY request for money. DO NOT send any sort of currency in any shape or form by and through ANY mechanism.”

“HE DOES NOT ask individuals for money EVER EVER EVER! The media team is overwhelmed with removing fake accounts. I am hearing some people have sent as much as $5,000. You do not have to send these to me to verify this for you. When you see them REPORT THEM. ALL OF THEM.”

Beth Chapman Duane Chapman
Valerie Macon/WireImage

Duane, 66, previously confirmed on Twitter that his wife, Beth, passed away on June 26 after a long battle with cancer. She was only 51 years old. Sadly, it seems there are individuals looking for a pay day after her death. “Some are taking advantage of your grief and like any con — will use YOUR emotions against you,” the message concluded. “Please share this message far and wide.”

Nearly two weeks ago, the Dog’s Most Wanted star took the stage at a second memorial for his late wife on July 13, and he expressed how much he loved her and always will. WGN America streamed the entire event, which took place at the Heritage Christian Center in Colorado.

“I cannot believe that she’s gone,” he said, with tears streaming down his face. “This is not possible, I want to wake up from a dream.” Duane said he will honor her legacy by continuing the family business and TV show in her absence. “She will never be dead to me,” he added during his emotional speech. “She is in another place. I’m gonna get to heaven and make her so proud.”

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