To us, he’s perfect. Tori Roloff invited fans to ask her questions for International Dwarfism Awareness Day on Instagram, and one person, in particular, asked, “Does dwarfism include any developmental delays? Speech wise? Or is Jackson just a quiet kid?” His mama offered a really thorough, thoughtful response.

“Dwarfism does not come with developmental delays,” Tori, 28, explained. “There are always exceptions. J has hit all milestones of an average height babe. Speech can sometimes be effected [sic] because of the jaw structure but in Jackson’s case, he is just very observant and a little bit of a perfectionist and can get embarrassed if he doesn’t say something right.” Aw! She added, “I would say that’s what keeps him on the quieter side. Except at home. At home, he talks all day long haha.”

Tori Roloff Responds After Fan Asks If Jackson Has 'Developmental Delays' or If He's 'Just Quiet'
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World fans had a lot of great questions for Tori about her son after she shared on Instagram, “I sometimes forget that my husband and son are ‘different’ because it’s so normal in our family. But I really strive to use this platform for good! I get lots of questions from people (especially mamas). So if you have any questions about dwarfism drop it down below and I’ll answer as many questions as I can.”

People asked questions like, “Is J’s dwarfism different than Zach? Amy? Matt?” Tori answered that one and wrote, “Zach, J and Amy all have achondroplasia Matt has dystrophic dwarfism!” Another person wondered, “What’s one thing you didn’t know but other people should know about people that are dwarfs? Like things you should or shouldn’t say etc.?” Jackson’s mom replied, “Trust me. They’re really are JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Everyone just wants to be included and talked to like a human being.”

Tori also added at the end of the original post, “P.S. All you need to know about baby girl right now is she is a healthy girlsie!!” That’s probably something fans are curious about right now, because her mother-in-law let slip in a now-deleted Facebook Live video that Zach, 29, and Tori’s second child “will be a little person” with “the same type of dwarfism” as her father and brother. Oops! No matter what, that little girl’s mama is clearly prepared to advocate for her every step of the way.

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