Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson’s friendship dates back to the early 2000s when they starred on various seasons of MTV’s The Challenge together. Now, both ladies are back for The Challenge: All Stars season 4 and fans are curious about whether their relationship was ever more than platonic. Did they date?

Did The Challenge’s Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson Date?

Veronica and Rachel dated for three years. However, their relationship was kept secret until 2017 when fellow Challenge star Annesa Ferreira exposed the pair’s history.

Aneesa and Veronica were both contestants on The Challenge: Dirty 30. “You are so f–king beautiful, Veronica,” Aneesa, who also previously dated Rachel, said. “I’d f–k you. And that’s it. That’s what it really comes to. Her ex-girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend.”

Rachel dated Aneesa after meeting on season 6 of The Challenge in 2002. After the two broke up, Rachel and Veronica became an item, according to Aneesa.

The women have never publicly discussed their relationship and Veronica kept tight-lipped after Aneesa exposed the romance on Dirty 30. “I feel, honestly, bad for Rachel [if I] come back years later and talk about it when I didn’t talk about it when we were together,” she explained. “I feel like that’s really disrespectful. I think Rachel would watch it and be like, ‘What the f–k?’”

When Did The Challenge’s Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson Meet?

Veronica and Rachel met as contestants on The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes, which aired at the beginning of 2003. They went on to compete on three more seasons of the show together and were both on the winning team during The Gauntlet.

The ladies’ last season on the flagship show together was Inferno II in 2005. However, they both returned for season 4 of Paramount+’s The Challenge: All Stars, which aired in 2024. The women remained friends after their split and were on good terms when they filmed the show.

Where Is The Challenge’s Rachel Robinson Today?

Rachel married her wife Natalie Gee in 2017. Natalie is the cofounder of Gee Beauty, a studio and makeup brand. They have a daughter, Ari, born in 2019, and twin sons, Jesse and Jack, born in 2017. While Rachel gave birth to the twins, Natalie gave birth to Ari.

“I was 200 pounds when I delivered twins in 2017, and while I was strong before there is nothing like getting back to strength after pregnancy, C section, and a newfound busy life,” Rachel admitted on Instagram. “I transformed my body eating real foods, small(er) portions and keeping close my fathers [sic] French sensibilities when it comes to nutrition. I love moving my body and it’s the key to sustaining long term benefits.”

The MTV alum created the company Rachel Fitness, which she took to an online platform in 2020. Rachel Fitness features workouts of 30 minutes or less with a goal of “changing the way you feel inside,” in addition to transforming the body.

Where Is The Challenge’s Veronica Portillo Today?

Veronica has had more of a presence on The Challenge in recent years. Her most recent appearance on the flagship show was Ride or Dies in 2022.

While Veronica is less open about her personal life on social media, she did document her relationship with Alexxis Perches in an August 2022 Instagram post. It’s unclear if they are still together.

In 2020, Veronica revealed that she had previously given birth to a stillborn child. “I lost my baby girl at 7+ months,” she wrote. “I stayed with her for over 24 hours. No pain like it; life never is the same. We are stronger because of it, however also a bit numb.”

She had previously opened up about the tragedy on Instagram in April 2013. “With a broken heart, I want to share that my beautiful baby girl was born sleeping,” Veronica shared. “Never had I imagined that our hello would also be our goodbye. I am blessed to have spent 1 day with her in flesh & 7 months getting to know her while she grew inside me. Now I am left with empty arms & a shattered heart. I will love you & miss you every day for the rest of my life, my sweet, beautiful daughter. You will remain my inspiration forever.”

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