Sister Wives viewers are curious if Robert Garrison Brown had a girlfriend at the time of his suicide. He was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on March 5, 2024, and fans are wondering about his dating history.

Did Garrison Brown Have a Girlfriend at the Time of His Death?

Garrison was apparently single when he took his life at the age of 25. At the time, he was living in a home in Flagstaff, Arizona, with several roommates.

The TLC star had not shared any social media posts about being in a relationship and had removed Instagram photos of past romances from his page.

Who Was Garrison Brown’s Ex-Girlfriend Kylie Marshall?

Garrison began dating Kylie in 2019, around the same time he started his Hawaiian T-shirt business, Bob’s Floral. He hard launched their relationship on Instagram in June of that year, sharing a photo of the couple as he wore one of his floral shirt designs while the pair visited Disneyland. Garrison was 20 years old at the time.

His mother, Janelle Brown, was impressed with her son’s girlfriend. She reposted a photo of Garrison and Kylie where he had written in the caption, “Look at this hottie of mine,” as he was dressed in a military tux while she donned an orange floral dress.

garrison brown dating history
Courtesy of Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle wrote, “Just look at this boy of mine,” in her repost, beaming over her handsome son on September 8, 2019.

Garrison later deleted all photos of Kylie from his Instagram page after their breakup. It is unclear when they split, but Janelle’s photo of the couple remains on her site.

Who Else Did Garrison Brown Date?

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Garrison was seen in social media photos going on several dates with a brunette woman. He even went on a double dinner date with his brother, Gabe Brown, while mom Janelle tagged along.

The woman was not identified and is unclear how long their relationship lasted, although Garrison seemed to care about her. In an Instagram Stories photo, he was seen holding her in his arms while dipping her, writing, “This smile is everything,” on the snapshot.

What Did Garrison Brown’s Roommate Say About His Ex-Girlfriend?

In the aftermath of Garrison’s tragic death, his roommate Addison told police that the Sister Wives star was “having problems with his ex-girlfriend” and that he was “not a very happy person.” Addison did not specify which ex-girlfriend Garrison was in conflict with.

garrison brown cats
Courtesy of Garrison Brown/Instagram

Garrison Found Love as a Pet Owner

While he was not forthcoming on Instagram about his love life in recent years, Garrison made it known that his cats were the center of his world.

He announced in a January 2022 Instagram photo, “I have a son,” while cuddling a gray cat he later named Catthew. Garrison brought home another furry friend in December of that year showing off a tiger-striped kitten he named Patches O’Houlihan. He included a photo of beaming Janelle holding onto the newest member of Garrison’s furry family.

In his final Instagram post five days before his death, Garrison shared that he adopted a rescue cat, cuddling his new feline with a huge smile on his face. “Newest edition to my home, Ms. Buttons. She’s 9 years old and was on the line for euthanasia but my savior complex couldn’t suffice,” he wrote in the caption, calling himself a “crazy cat lady” in the hashtag.

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