The tea is about to get piping hot. Jill Duggar‘s husband, Derick Dillard, revealed on Twitter that he’s planning on writing a book about her family and their TV shows on December 4.

A fan tweeted at the Duggar in-law on November 13, “Dude you could make some serious bank by writing a book. I know a ton of people that would buy that book pre-release! I mean, come on, you know that there is some crazy in that family!” That prompted Derick, 30, to respond, “That’s the plan, but it will take longer to write because I do most of the outlining/writing on breaks from school.”

Jill Duggar Derick Dillard Writing Book About Counting On Family

The revelation is the latest in a long line of tweets Derick has made about Jill’s family and TLC in the past few months. Back in March 2018, a fan asked him on Twitter, “Derick did you ask TLC to pay a hospital bill, if so why?” and he replied, “I thought it was fair to ask in negotiating … TLC made lots of money in filming a birth special episode, and they had not offered to pay us anything. So I thought, at the very least, they could reimburse 5-10K for medical expenses. TLC sure made more than that off of us.”

Derick Dillard Fuels Jim Bob Duggar Feud Rumors Cryptic Tweets

Eventually, a different fan asked in the same thread, “So why does [Jill’s father] Jim Bob get all the money for the show and doesn’t give any to his children? The actual stars of the show.” Derick replied, “I don’t know. You would have to ask him that.”

Another fan responded in the same series of tweets, “Derick, this is very troubling. 1718 and 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On made at least [sic] billion dollars since in production last 10 years — guarantee they made more. Why don’t you ‘kids’ adults when on [sic] show have their own contracts? Do you know how much money these shows make?”

The law school student then responded in now-deleted tweets by alleging that TLC “has issues” and “begged” them not to quit filming, and claimed the network didn’t explain why. “If money is all they care about, then it’s going to catch up with them,” Derick wrote. “You must care about ppl [sic]. All I’ve got to say is, they better lawyer-up b/c a storm is inevitable.”

Derick Dillard Slams TLC, Claims Jim Bob Negotiated Family's Contract

Those tweets were followed by the response from a fan urging Derick to write a book. Other Twitter users in the replies of Derick’s answer were clearly excited by the possibility. “Dear Santa, I have been very good all year. Please send me Derick’s book for Christmas,” one person wrote. Another said, “Strike while the iron is hot and write it now. Finish school after!”

Derick is currently in law school, so it might be a bit before his supposed plan comes to fruition. But you’d better believe there are a lot of people who like snarking on the Duggars who would rush out to buy that book, should it ever be published.

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