Slimy or sweet? David Eason revealed that he eats frogs in a new Instagram post on Aug. 1, and some fans were totally turned off by his confession. Even though he was trying to make a good point about why the amphibians are “a delicacy,” many foodies were not having it!

“The swamp provides plenty. I’m so thankful for little guys like this bullfrog that helped our ancestors to make it through tough times in the past,” Jenelle Evans‘ hubby captioned his new pic. “This is one reason frogs and other wild animals are a delicacy to me, it comes with a sense of reminiscence just to imagine the countless families who depended on them. Also delicious!” It didn’t take long for nay-sayers to clap back in the comment section.

“Oh, David. You KNOW your haters are going to be all over this one!” one fan wrote. “How do you cook that? Ewww, I couldn’t imagine eating it,” another user asked and pointed out. Some even commented with barfing emojis to voice their disgust, while others were convinced he was trying to stir the pot, joking: “That’s why he posted that pic. He is having a boring month and is dying for all the backlash.” However, David did have some followers that were completely on his side, arguing how frog legs tasted like chicken and are “yummy.” 

Despite the drama over his food choice, it looks like David is focused on doing his own thing with his family. He recently shared a sweet photo of himself and Jenelle on July 24, captioned: “Aren’t we something?” David will no longer be appearing on Teen Mom 2 with his wife, as he was likely kicked off due to his homophobic comments on social media. Even though some fans have slammed Jenelle and David’s relationship, she did fire back at a commenter who said they didn’t like her hubby on July 4. She responded: “And IDGAF.” There you have it!

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