Everything the Busby quintuplets do is cute, but this latest post from their mom, Danielle Busby, might be the best update yet. She revealed that her girls have assigned seating in the car, and the reason why is super adorable. Apparently, the girls fight over who gets to sit behind their mom, so she gave them each a day of the week to make things fair. Hey, whatever works! Check out the video above to see some lovable footage of the little ones riding along with their mom, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

“We have assigned seats Monday through Friday,” Danielle explained in clips she shared to Instagram. “Ava’s Monday, Lulu is Tuesday, Wednesday’s Hazel, Thursday is Riley and Friday is Parker!” She then added with a smile, “And the weekend is whoever calls shotgun.” Seems legit.

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When you have six kids like the OutDaughtered parents do, having simple rules like who sits where in the car is probably the only thing that keeps a household from descending into chaos. Kudos to Danielle and Adam Busby for finding a system that works for their family. And one that the girls seem to enjoy to boot! That’s honestly quite the accomplishment.

Blayke appears to sit in the seat behind the front passenger seat, which must be one of her big sister privileges. None of the kids are really old enough to actually be in the front of the Busby van yet, so we can see how the seat right behind their mom would be the most coveted position. If nothing else, any stories one of the girls might tell would probably be easier for Danielle to hear if they’re sitting there, so whoever has “shotgun” probably feels like a million bucks for getting so much of her attention!

Perhaps as the girls get older they won’t care as much where they end up in the vehicle. But for now, we can see why having assigned positions is kind of a big deal. Hazel, at least, seems pretty thrilled that she’s fortunate enough to have that “front” spot, and we do love seeing a happy Hazel!

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