It’s not always easy being famous — just ask Danielle Bregoli (a.k.a. rapper Bhad Bhabie). The 15-year-old’s life changed rather quickly and now, she spoke with In Touch exclusively about one of the craziest fan interactions she’s ever had.

“When I was in Toronto, a fan started banging on the glass at a restaurant,” she recalled. “It was, like, the weirdest s—t. He was banging and screaming. It was like he was seeing God. It was the weirdest thing ever.”

Once the rapper finished her meal, she went outside to meet him. “After I ate, he was obviously standing out there, so I was like, ‘What’s up?’ I was like, ‘OK, take this picture because you’re kind of scaring me, dude,’” she said. “That was it.”

Danielle Bregoli at an event in a white shirt, red hair and black pants
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Several years ago, the Florida native began her music career. Now, she has over 16 million followers on Instagram. So, does the red-headed beauty miss being anonymous or does she like being recognized?

“It’s more just, like, sometimes I like to go in and out [of stores] and s—t,” she said. “It’s like, I know everywhere I go they are going to stop and take pictures. I like to be in and out of places, I don’t like to sit and stand around and s—t, I like to just go. If I am just going shopping, I like to go grab what I need and get the f—k out, but I know every time I go to the mall, it’s going to be like, a lot of pictures that I gotta take.”

However, Danielle admitted she wouldn’t be where she is today without the help of her loyal followers. “But whatever, the people are my fans. Who else am I doing it for?”

The “Hi Bich” crooner also got a chance to star in her own reality series on Snapchat called Bringing Up Bhabie in February, where viewers got to see the inside details of her life.

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“A while ago, my managers were like, ‘We should do this TV show’ and I was like, f—k it, whatever y’all say,” she revealed. “I am about it. So, we were just working and then we were like, ‘Eh, maybe this isn’t right now.’ So, we were kind of like waiting — if it comes our way, it comes our way. Sure enough, an offer came our way, so we’re like ‘F—k yeah, we’re going to take it.’ So, that is how it all started.”

We can’t wait to see what else Danielle has up her sleeve!

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