This just isn’t Danielle Bregoli’s week—you know, the Cash Me Outside girl. First, she got into a fight with Iggy Azalea at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Party and now she reportedly wants to sue the new music app, Vezt, for using her image without permission.

Danielle’s lawyers gave a cease and desist letter to Vezt because the mobile app used her likeness in ads without her approval. Now, she reportedly is asking for the $3 million dollars she alleges that she is owed, but if she gets the money, she won’t sue.

The 15-year-old rejected an offer to work with Vezt in the first place, but somehow the company still used her name and image. Not only does she want the money from Vezt, but she wants them to delete her images and name from the app and their social media, and she also wants to know how much the company made off of her likeness. The girl means business! She is also giving the company a 15-day deadline to get her what she wants.

Danielle Bregoli outside with a record, wearing black pants
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Earlier this week, on Nov. 14, Danielle reportedly threw water at Iggy, but the “Beg For It” singer was not having it and refused to engage with the teen in a fight. Unfortunately, Iggy is very humiliated by the whole incident.

A source told HollywoodLife, “Iggy is embarrassed to have even been involved in the scene created by Danielle at Cardi’s party. Iggy thinks the entire incident is absolutely ridiculous and laughable. She would never come after a child like that and knows Danielle was just looking for clout by messing with her.”

Even if Iggy didn’t want to be involved in this mess, they both still posted on social media about it. Danielle even got escorted out of the party, ugh.

Iggy Azalea's Tweet from the Cardi B party

However, a source close to Danielle said, “Bhad Barbie has broken several music sales records this year and would prefer to focus on continuing her music success. With that being said, Bhabi is [SIC] very young and very real, and has a tendency to overreact when people make negative comments online and approach her in person with a totally different energy.”

Girl, it’s best to stay out of all of this drama — at least for a couple of weeks!

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