It’s been nearly two weeks since YouTube star Logan Paul posted a controversial vlog in which he and his friends explored Japan’s Aokigahara, a forest on Mt. Fuji that’s known as the “suicide forest” because of the high rate of suicides that occur there. In the since-deleted clip, Logan, 22, filmed a dead man and made insensitive remarks while doing so.

Now, social media personalities Dan Rue and Nick Joseph are receiving backlash for posting their own insensitive video during a September 2017 trip to Japan. In theirs, the duo mocks Asian culture, the Japanese language, and even pretend to kidnap a little girl. It wasn’t long after Logan’s video made headlines that Dan and Nick’s troublesome clip resurfaced online.

In response, one Twitter used explained why the video is problematic. “As someone who is Asian, the way he was speaking and mocking the language was racist and disrespectful,” they wrote. “Especially doing it in public in front of the very people he was poking fun at and using as a joke for view[s].”

Several others slammed Dan and Nick for making light of abductions. “Wow can’t believe you would actually pretend to kidnap a little girl like that. You guys are such a d–ks. You need to be banned from social media and Japan. BYEEEE,” someone wrote, while another tweeted, “Abduction is not funny. This video is a disgrace. You guys are no better than Logan Paul.”

Despite the criticism, Dan and Nick refuse to apologize. Dan took to Twitter on Wednesday, Jan. 10, to explain why he feels he and Nick don’t need to say sorry. “Hope you all kno this was staged with the family and the child is clearly laughing in the video. We had to edit her laugh out the end when we PRETENDED to take her,” he wrote, failing to acknowledge the part where the pair makes fun of the way Japanese people speak. “That’s all I’m saying have a blessed day. Don’t have time to argue it’s clearly a definitive conversation.”

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