It's a Catfish miracle! When the hit MTV reality TV series first premiered back in 2012, its hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph set out to help unsuspecting people find out if their online love interests were really who they said they were. Most times, the person isn't who they claim to be but then there is the rare case of Colleen and Tony, a couple who met on a Season 6 episode. Tony turned out to be completely different from the person that Colleen met on Plenty of Fish, but she was still attracted to him and the couple got together in the end. But now fans are dying for a Colleen and Tony update and they're wondering if the couple is still together.

Colleen and Tony met on a dating app and had only been dating for three months before she contacted the show. But things got really serious really fast — after only about a month of dating, Tony proposed to Colleen.

So Nev and Max did a little digging and after coming up short, they finally decided to cut to the chase and they brought Colleen to meet Tony — who turned out to be a man named Jeremy. But in a surprising turn of events, Colleen didn't mind that Jeremy had catfished her because he was still attractive — if not more attractive than "Tony."

“I’m willing to put things aside and move on if he can not lie to me and tell me the truth,” Colleen told Max, and Max asked her if she thought Jeremy was cute and she nodded. “Why would you lie?” she asked. “He’s a very good looking guy.”

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Daddys got both the boys with him lol …

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So good looking that they even made an adorable baby! Fans will be delighted to know that Colleen and Jeremy are still together and they're still going strong — and they even welcomed a child together. Colleen gave birth to their son on Dec. 22 2017 and they seem like an adorable, happy family judging by Colleen's Instagram.

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