A world where Ice-T and Coco Austin DON’T coordinate Halloween costumes?! How could it be!? When the clock strikes on October 31st Coco, 40, and her man turn into the anti-Ice and Coco — meaning no matching motifs for these two. She told In Touch exclusively about their fright night traditions, which, surprisingly, doesn’t always include couples costumes.

“Halloween is our favorite holiday … This is the one holiday we don’t really like coordinating because we do it year-round. And everybody else, couple wise, try to coordinate on this particular holiday,” Coco told In Touch.  “And we usually have ideas of what we two want to be and they might not go together. And there’s so many things to be and sometimes, you know, Ice he will bank off of what I’m going to be for the Halloween. But usually, it’s more what he feels and what more I feel — we vibe off of that,” she added. “It’s [sic] the only time of the year when we’re not coordinating.”

Coco Austin Ice-T Don't Coordinate Halloween Costumes
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“It’s not like we’re trying to not do it. It’s the one day [during the year] where we’re both trying to be something else. It sometimes doesn’t match each other.” Coco also made sure to clarify that she and Ice, 61, usually don’t match, they coordinate. “Matching is like you’re on point with every single color, coordination is still in the vibe of each other without having to be too matchy match,” she explained.

Although she doesn’t like to exactly mirror Ice, she has fun dressing their 3-year-old daughter, Chanel, as her mini-me. “Since Chanel and I match so much when we go out, I tell people well, if we don’t match by patterns, then we’ll match by color. And even so, I’m probably matching her like three times a week.” She continued, “With Ice and I, when we go out to an event, it depends on if we have a lot of time to get ready. We have a lot of time to prepare. Then we’ll usually coordinate off of each other, but sometimes he’s coming, honestly, from the set from working all day and I will just probably wear something very fashionable and he can’t go that far [since] he usually has to wear what’s on his back.” This fashionable family has their wardrobe down to an (Ice) T! We can’t wait to see what they will be this year.

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