A diva needs her options! Coco Austin and her family love Halloween and recently told In Touch exclusively a little bit about their fright night rituals — including sifting through tons of costumes to find the perfect look. For daughter Chanel, she already has several outfits to choose from for the spookiest day of the year.

“I get Chanel like five costumes,” the blonde beauty, 40, shared. “She kind of doesn’t know what she’s going to be. Everybody’s been asking her. She’s been saying, ‘oh a skeleton, a witch, an LOL Doll, Beauty from Beauty and the Beast … ‘ So we got all of those to try on. We’re going to see which one she likes the most to wear.”

Coco Austin Daughter Chanel 5 Costumes Halloween
Courtesy of Chanel Nicole/Instagram

“So, she’s kind of taken the path of how we feel,” Coco added. The model previously told In Touch that when it comes to Halloween, she takes a last-minute approach and doesn’t know who she will be till the day of. “I have to feel the vibe!” she said. It sounds like Chanel is taking after her mama in that way!

“What I do is I go to my storage and I take out like boxes of Halloween costumes that I haven’t worn yet. And I try them all on for Ice [-T] to see which one works the best for that night,” she explains. “Sometimes it might be kind of colder than other Halloweens and sometimes it’s warmer. So I kind of go with the vibe of the weather. And then I order like a bunch off the ‘net.”

Coco Austin Daughter Chanel 5 Costumes Halloween
Courtesy of Coco Austin/Instagram

Although Coco may have an abundance of costumes to choose from, don’t expect her to be anything sweet like little Chanel. “I would say I like to do the dominatrix [look] because personally, in my regular life, Coco’s super happy and more of a submissive type. And on that day, when I become a dominatrix, I’m more like, superhero — I can kick your ass! Like, my opposite Coco, so I kind of like that.”

Speaking of stepping out of the norm, Coco said that Halloween is the one day out of the year that her family doesn’t like to coordinate. Known for matching her man on the red carpet or her tot on Instagram, Coco steps away from her usual to embrace, “the traditional not Ice and Coco.” Will Chanel follow in her footsteps? Whatever costume she wears, it’s bound to be fabulous.

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