When it comes to celebrity friendships, sometimes it seems like Chrissy Teigen is so tight with every member of the Kardashian crew that she might as well be a member of the family. She and Kim Kardashian are basically BFFs, but she’s also got a lot of love for Kris Jenner. In a recent late night appearance, though, she may have added a little turmoil to the mix by shading Rob Kardashian. While promoting her new cookbook on The Tonight Show, she played a little game with Jimmy Fallon where they revealed the answers to personal questions — but not the questions themselves. 

The game was called “Loaded Questions,” and it featured colorful looking shots on top of coasters that contained secret questions. After answering the questions, Chrissy and Jimmy could reveal what they’d been asked or they could down the shot. For Chrissy’s first question, she read the coaster, took a few moments to think over what she’d say, and then decisively answered. “Rob Kardashian,” she announced confidently, and of course Jimmy predictly was dying to know what she was asked before the mother of two swigged the shooter called “Satan’s Testicles” to avoid revealing the truth. Check it out. 

As Jimmy mentioned in the video, they were “very personal questions” — so what was “Rob Kardashian” the answer to? Was Chrissy throwing some shade? Was the question “Who is your least favorite member of the Kardashian family?” Could it have been a compliment? If it was, why would the Cravings author be so reluctant to reveal it? Was it maybe something embarrassing instead, like Rob Kardashian was secretly her first celebrity crush (hey, it’s possible!)? We have to know!

Sadly, we doubt we’ll ever find out what was really going on there. And Chrissy seems pretty determined to keep most of her questions a secret, especially that last one where she answered “Jimmy Fallon” after a slow stroll around the room. We’re pretty sure that Jimmy was the real person she was trying to keep in the dark, but in order to make sure that the question stayed private, she went as far as to peel off the piece of paper and eat it. So, yeah — she’s taking that one to the grave. Meanwhile, though, we’re still just over here wondering what “Rob Kardashian” meant. 

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