It doesn’t get much better than this! When you work on a TV show for years together, they say you become a family. And for the cast of Charmed, blood is still thicker than water for the Halliwell fam!

Our favorite magical TV fam proved it to be true when Piper Holly Marie Combs reunited with her on-screen husband, Brian Krause (aka Leo), and son, Drew Fuller (aka Chris Halliwell). All that was Wyatt! Check out the video above to see their reunion!

The three of them seemingly came together for Drew’s birthday — he turned 38 on May 19 — and shared smiling shots of their “family portrait.” While the three only play relatives on TV, it’s clear that the bond they share is truly one-of-a-kind.

In a 2016 interview with Funk's House of Geekery, Brian said that he doesn’t see his castmates often, but it’s “always great” to run into his Charmed co-stars, particularly at cons. In the same interview, he was asked about the longevity of Charmed’s popularity, and attributed it to, among other things, the strong female leads.

“I think the biggest reason it’s had such staying power is it’s three women who are very charismatic and the characters they played were strong-willed, powerful women. Great role models for any young ladies growing up,” the 49-year-old gushed. I think that’s gone from generation to generation where mothers have taught their parents about the show, and grandparents, and children… We get people from five years odl to 90 coming up. It’s really crossed all generations. I think for young people, it’s great. It’s not something that’s just bad, it’s all about the greater good. The message of the show is that goodness will always win if you fight for it.”

In an unrelated interview with The Iris the same year, Holly, 44, gushed about how the show has had such a profound impact on people — which is something she’ll never take for granted. “[Charmed] became of personal importance to people — that I just never anticipated,” she said. “I was always just trying to make it the best and most believable I could, which was not easy, especially with our special effects and the things they dreamed up for us to portray in the world. It was a concern of mine to keep it grounded in reality as much as we could and have the relationship be real and the family life be real; I never anticipated the effect it would have on people and families and the bonding effect it had on people’s families it still does. It surprises me every time.”

While Holly went out of her way to make sure the family dynamic was as authentic as possible, her relationship with “Leo” — aka Brian — is very much fictional. “It’s always austounding to me how many women are in love with Leo,” she said with a laugh. “Because Brian and I were friends for a really long time before we did the show, manufacturing some romantic chemistry was a little difficult for me because he’s like my brother. I really didn’t think people would believe in it all that much but man, when I see these girls just start crying and shaking over him, I look at him and go, ‘I must have made you look really good, because these women cannot get over you!’ It’s amazing how that aspect of the show has stood the test of time! There are so many people who want pictures with Piper and Leo and it makes me laugh every time, because our relationship is very platonic and we very much give each other a hard time.”

LOL! Could’ve tricked us!

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