It’s hard to believe that Charmed premiered nearly 19 years ago! Since acting in the timeless series, the show’s stars like Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano have since moved on to other projects, gotten married, and even started families of their own. It turns out a lot can happen in a couple of decades! Check out the video below to see what the cast of the series looks like today!

While there have been plenty of rumors of a Charmed reboot this past year, it turns out that there’s sadly not much truth to them — at least for now. While Holly has publically said in the past that she and the other girls would be totally down for a reunion, that doesn’t mean it’s actually happening. The Pretty Little Liars actress took to Instagram recently to completely shut down our hopes and dreams. “I’m sorry to say that all the reboot rumors are just that…. Rumors,” she wrote. Womp womp.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Alyssa also chimed in on the reboot rumors. “I’ll tell you everything I know: the last few years, CBS Studios—not the network, the studio—has been trying to reboot Charmed without any of the old cast members. They just want to use the franchise,” she said. “Because we have the best fans ever, they were up in arms over this and said you can’t do Charmed without the original cast members. I think CBS Studios understands the importance of getting it right, so they came up with the idea last year that they were going to do a prequel to our story but the script didn’t come in the way they wanted, and so it went back into redevelopment.”

So, for the time being, there’s no reboot in the works — luckily, the eight season series is available on streaming services like Netflix, so it’s not a total loss. One thing’s for sure though, even after 19 years, the cast looks better than ever!

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