Season 3 of TLC's reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After is back and so is Chantel Everett and her husband Pedro Jimeno! Fans are glad to see the couple back on TV because they always bring the drama, but they also couldn't help but notice that Chantel is looking a little bit different these days. Many viewers think that Chantel may have had plastic surgery while in between seasons, more specifically a nose job and a breast enhancement.

Fans were upset about Chantel being able to allegedly afford plastic surgery when she kept complaining about money. "Chantel swears she and Pedro are broke, but who paid for them t—-s?" one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "How much did Chantel’s t–s and nose cost?"

Money issues are just one of the problems that are plaguing Chantel and Pedro's marriage. As the son of a single mom, Pedro felt that it is his responsibility to send money home to his mother and sister in the Dominican Republic to make sure that they are financially taken care of — and Chantel doesn't think he should be sending them money because they are struggling as well.

Pedro works at a warehouse and Chantel works at a nursing home and she is also in nursing school, and she told her husband that just the cost of text books alone would be $600 and that's not counting her uniform, lab coat, patches, and stethoscope. She was particulary upset that she was facing mounting expenses for her schooling while Pedro was trying to send a TV from their home in Georgia to his mother in the Dominican Republic — which would cost nearly $1200 in just the shipping costs alone.

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