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Conspiracy Theorists Believe That Beyoncé and Britney Were Replaced by Clones

The clone center is breaking open, and inside is… all of your favorite A-listers. Whether it's birthed from a listless, stoned 3 a.m. online search or a stream of overanalyzed lyrics, every once in a while there are celebrity conspiracy theories about clones in our newsfeeds. And though skeptics are keen to roll their eyes whenever they hear that Gucci Mane was replaced by an imposter (like why, for what point and purpose), there's all sorts of "proof" that celebrity clones do exist. Like, come on guys, if it's on the Internet, it must be true.

One of our favorite conspiracy theories maintains that one former country superstar is actually the daughter of the devil. Taylor Swift has allegedly gone to the dark side with her edgier new image and at least two chorus-less songs off her new album Reputation. She's totally snake-ified, and it feels… right. But is this creative rebranding in response to the Kanye WestKim Kardashian feud, or is Taylor the literal doppelganger of the red-lip loving former Satanism spokesperson Zeena LaVey, ready to come into her full power?

And that's just one question to keep you awake at night. We have to wonder, is Beyoncé dead and gone? Is the real Gucci Mane still imprisoned while a faux-Gucci attends the Video Music Awards? And why can't Britney Spears' clone army just chill the hell out for a second?

We wish we had all the answers, but all we can tell you is this: if clones were real, then it would totally make sense for the government-illuminati-Disney to target people that are constantly seen in the media. Very inconspicuous.

So from the decidedly vague to the outlandishly crazy, these celebrity clone conspiracy theories will definitely make you think twice. Scroll down and get ready to never sleep again (or laugh really hard, whichever).

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