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Celebrity Dogs Who Have “Save Me” Written All Over Their Poor, Precious Faces

Celebrities aren't shy about showing their love for their beloved dogs. After all, an A-list pop star and a cute pup equate to famous Instagram dogs, no doubt. And while you'd think that having a celeb owner means you'd never live a dog's life, sometimes those IG pics make us do a double take. Because when we look at the furry little heads popping out of the arms of Bella Thorne, Kylie Jenner, and other dog owners, we can't help but look into their beady eyes and hear, "help!"

Now, to be fair, this may not have anything to do with being a celebrity dog so much as it has to do with being, well, anyone's dogs. Historically speaking, even the most even-tempered canine has a low-tolerance for photos. They're not super great at posing, they have zero patience for a shoot, and they can't tell the difference between filters, so stop asking if you should use Hefe or Claredon. More than that, though, while some pets are big on cuddling, we know from experience that eventually they want you to let go. They start kicking and doing that weird arch-back thing and it's all v frustrating.

But we think that celebrity pets, and celebrity dogs in particular, are the exact same way except they have to deal with being in the limelight. The paparazzi are on their tail whenever they're trying to go to the bathroom. Their mom's assistant is trying to figure out lighting options while they're trying to sleep. Celebrities, by and large, choose to be celebrities. Celebrity dogs, even if they're a definite Good Boy (and yes, they are), did not sign up for this rollercoaster. And sometimes, it shows.

We feel your pain, puppies.

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