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Celebrity Illuminati Conspiracy Theories That Are So Wild You May Just Become a Believer

There's allegedly so many celebrities in the Illuminati you can't put out a bubblegum pop song without someone declaring there's hidden messages all over it. From Beyoncé to Justin Bieber, all your favs have been accused of being part of the covert club, which is either laughable or v, v scary. But what is the Illuminati, and why does it involve so many freaking pop stars?

We don't mind you asking, because most for the average person the Illuminati is loosely defined as "something Satan-y." Turns out, that isn't entirely wrong, although the definite truth behind the group is a lot less sinister than that. The Order of the Illuminati, (or the Bavarian Illuminati) was originally an IRL organization set up in 1776 as a secret society. You know, like Fight Club. And like Fight Club, that secret didn't stay secret for very long, eventually expanding due to excessive recruitment among other organizations like Freemasons. Then it disbanded when secret societies were made illegal… or did it?

The general idea behind the modern day Illuminati is that it's a group of the world's elite, world leaders and superstar entertainers joining forces for global domination. They pull the strings of society, but who's pulling their string? Since signs of the Illuminati borrows from Egyptian iconography (pyramids/triangles, the eye of Horus, and so on) and Satanic symbols (666) it's really hard to say. And since plenty of theories suggest that ritual sacrifices enhance power and murder is a cool way to keep people quiet, we're just going to fall on the side that it's something definitively Not Good.

So who's allegedly on the short list? Strap on your tinfoil caps, conspiracy theorists, because we're about to suggest some insane things about your Top 40 faves. Check out the gallery to see which celebrities have been rumored to be part of the Illuminati… and some of the craziest theories attached to them

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