She’s ride or die! Cardi B‘s publicist Patientce Foster is not only her publicist but also her very good friend, and one thing is for sure — Cardi is gang gang for her crew. After video footage surfaced online featuring Patientce getting into a verbal altercation with one of Cardi’s fans, Cardi took to Instagram to defend Patientce for the way she handled the situation in a now-deleted video.

“Let me tell y’all something about my publicist. Y’all love saying, ‘Oh she’s ghetto, she’s this.’ My publicist is for me,” Cardi, 26, said in a now-deleted video clip on Instagram. “My publicist is a publicist that do things my way and fits my personality. You know, when I first started, your faves — their publicist, they didn’t want to take me as a client. And she was working in one of the biggest [public relations] company — and you know what they told her? ‘Don’t take her, she’s a reality star, nobody’s gonna take her serious.’ And she still work with me, got me my first magazine cover, changed my image.”

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Cardi went on to explain that she was grateful for Patientce for taking a chance on her, and because of that they have more than a publicist-client relationship — they’re also friends. Patientce was even there with Cardi while Cardi gave birth to her 5-month-old daughter Kulture.

“That’s my b—h, that’s my homegirl, and matter [of] fact, I am mad at Patientce. Wanna know why I’m mad at Patientce? Cause she should’ve spit in that f–king lady’s face. That’s why,” Cardi continued. “So don’t fucking tell me about my b—h, that’s my b—h. And she’s been doing a great f–king job and I thank her every single f–king day. Thank you.”

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Cardi took up for Patientce after video footage surfaced online, depicting Cardi and Patientce walking through what seems to be an airport in Australia. An older woman allegedly tried to take a photo with Cardi, and when she refused, the woman could be heard saying: “No wonder your husband left you.” Patientce then could be seen getting in the woman’s face, yelling, “B—h, I’ll smack the s–t out of you. Don’t ever come out your mouth about her mother f–king husband. Watch your mouth.”

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