Tell us how you really feel! Former Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris made his opinion on the nationwide college admissions scam clear via Twitter on Tuesday, March 12, and it’s obvious he is not happy. “I got into Harvard against long odds via hard work and perseverance. Neither of my parents went to college, we didn’t have money to even pay for SAT prep course let alone bribes. Shameful. It’s hard enuf [sic] for working-class kids to succeed w/o rich privilege taking [the] opportunity away,” he wrote. He then added in a later tweet, “I shall now breathe deep and go beat the s–t out of a punching bag.” Yikes!

Dean, 55, was referring to the college admissions scandal rocking the country that includes defendants such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. They were indicted the same day the actor went on his rant and are accused of allegedly “bribing college entrance exam administrators to allow a third party to facilitate cheating on college entrance exams, bribing university athletic coaches and administrators to designate applicants as purported athletic recruits, having a third party take classes in place of the actual students with the understanding that grades and in those classes would be submitted as part of the students’ college applications, submitting falsified applications for admissions to universities, disguising the nature and source of by payments by funneling the money through the accounts of a purported charity from which many of the bribes were then paid,” according to court documents obtained by In Touch.

Dean also wrote in a tweet on March 12, “When I think of all the kids who studied hard, stayed up late, had part-time jobs to pay for their college application fees, and then were denied rightly deserved places in elite colleges because some rich f–kwads cheated for their already privileged kids — I’m disgusted.” He definitely has some strong feelings about the situation, and his fans seem to agree with him. “Exactly! It was beyond selfish for these parents to cheat the system & take opportunities away from students that earned & deserved it,” one replied to the Under the Dome alum.

Other celebrities like Lena Dunham and Rob Lowe also spoke out about the scandal, and they probably won’t be the last to do so. Dean’s in good company, even if his reaction was expressed more strongly. Anyone have a punching bag handy?

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