Becoming a dad has been, by far, Brad Pitt’s favorite role. “It’s the most beautiful thing you can experience. I see my children as an essential part of my life,” he gushed in 2014, shortly after marrying his six kids’ mother, Angelina Jolie. But just two years later, life as he knew it fell apart. “That incident on the plane changed everything,” a source exclusively tells In Touch of the infamous fight, in which Angelina claims a drunken Brad attacked her in front of their children. “She’s mostly had primary custody since then, and it’s profoundly affected his relationships with the kids, which has been devastating for him.”

But now, at 60, he may be getting a second chance at fatherhood. “Brad and Ines [de Ramon] have gotten really serious: She’s moved in with him, and they have been discussing having a baby,” an insider says of the A-lister and his girlfriend of a year-and-a-half. “It may be shocking to some, but those close to them wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already pregnant.”

The timing is certainly right. At 34, “Ines is at the age where her biological clock is ticking,” says the insider. (Brad’s rep denies the pair are planning to have a baby.) “But Brad is fitter than most guys his age — and he definitely wouldn’t be the first Hollywood star to have a baby with a much younger woman.”

And they’re totally committed to each other. “They are truly in love and spend all their time together,” says the insider. The jewelry executive, who was raised in Geneva, Switzerland, “feels at home” at Brad’s “secluded and romantic” French estate, Château Miraval, says the insider, adding that the two split their time between France and his $40 million “castle” in Carmel, California. “They’ve truly built a life together, and while they have no plans to get married — yet — Brad says it’s the easiest relationship he’s ever been in.”

It’s definitely not as dramatic as his last one. Brad and Angelina, 48, “were so fiery together, in retrospect it’s no surprise it ended badly — and that they’re still at war,” the insider says of their seven-year legal battle over custody and Miraval, which “has cost Brad dearly. It’s no secret he’s pretty much been alienated from his kids.”

He’s rumored to still be completely estranged from three of them. Maddox, 22, reportedly testified against Brad at the custody hearing, while Pax, 20, reportedly slammed him as “an awful human being” and a “world-class a–hole” in an Instagram post on Father’s Day in 2020. And Zahara, 19, tellingly revealed recently that she’d dropped Pitt from her last name.. “They don’t speak to him anymore,” says the insider.

And while the current custody agreement allows Brad to see Shiloh, 17, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 15, “it’s pretty awkward, because their siblings have cut them out of their lives,” adds the insider. “But he’s holding out hope that they’ll eventually come around.”

Brad Pitt and Girlfriend Ines de Ramon Are ‘Discussing Having a Baby’: ‘Truly In Love’
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Angelina certainly hasn’t. While Brad is “anxious to move on and put the past behind him,” says the insider — and even reportedly shared a brief but cordial greeting with his former father-in-law, Jon Voight, and brother-in-law, James Haven, at a January 14 art gallery show he and Ines attended in LA — “Angelina is still making jabs at him in the press, constantly talking about how she’s spent years healing from the pain he caused the family.”

The idea of his having another child is likely to enrage her, says the insider. “She lost her mind when she found out how serious he was with Ines after he started taking her to Miraval. Imagine if she found out they were pregnant,” says the insider. “Another woman, living in her old home, having his baby? That would be too much. There’s no telling what Angelina will do.”

Brad is willing to risk her wrath. “He’s really looking forward to having another baby,” says the insider. “It’s an opportunity for him to truly move forward and apply everything he’s learned about himself and life during the traumatic past few years.”

The actor, who got sober after his split from Angelina, has expressed regret over “choices I made that I’m not proud of” when he was drinking too much. He’s been embracing his philosophical side ever since, “concentrating on my own s–t, where I was complicit in failures in my relationships, where I have misstepped,” he’s said. “It was born out of ownership of what I call a radical inventory of self, getting really brutally honest with me, and taking account of those I may have hurt.”

Now, he’s ready to get it right. “He wants to start fresh,” says the insider. “Not only with Ines and the new baby, but in making amends with his other children, and to have them welcome a new half brother or half sister. That’s his dream.”

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