Before Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton denied (and then admitted) to having an affair with Gennifer Flowers. The singer came forward during the former president’s 1992 election campaign and revealed she had a 12-year relationship with the married politician. Now, she is claiming that before their consensual affair, Clinton sexually harassed her.

“When I first met Bill Clinton, it was when I was sent on my first story by myself after my training with my cameraman,” Gennifer explained on The Ingraham Angle. “He came on to me that night, I told him to knock it off. He proceeded to continue to come on to me for three months before I decided that I wanted to have a relationship with him, which at that point was consensual. But in today’s standards, and in hindsight, it was definitely sexual harassment.”

Gennifer, who was 27 when her affair with Bill began, also called for “Slick Willie” to be prosecuted for the alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick in the 1970s. “Like Hillary [Clinton], I want to be in denial that these things could happen because I felt like that wasn’t the person that I had known. But when I met [Juanita] the first time, I realized she was a very genuine person and had no reason to lie about that,” she added. “I had to come to terms with the fact that he was very capable and did do that. Why shouldn’t he be prosecuted for rape as Bill Cosby has and Harvey Weinstein was just arrested?” She also believes Hillary should be arrested as a co-conspirator, calling her an “enabler.”

Bill, now 71 years old, initially denied his affair with Gennifer in a 60 Minutes interview. However, while under oath in 1998 — when he was forced to testify during the Paula Jones sexual harassment case — he confessed to having a sexual relationship with Gennifer. In his memoir, he revealed even more details about their relationship, claiming it only happened one time in 1977. As for Juanita, she is a former nursing home administrator who accused Bill of raping her in 1978 when he was the Arkansas attorney general. His lawyer denied the allegations when she came forward in 1999. Bill married wife Hillary in 1975.

gennifer flowers getty

Gennifer meeting with the media in 1992.

More recently, Bill has come under fire for comments he made about his former intern Monica Lewinsky, admitting he did not feel he owed her an apology for their White House scandal. However, he has since had a change of heart due to the backlash of his comments. “Here is what I want to say: it wasn’t my finest hour,” he said on The Colbert Report. “But the important thing is, that was a very painful thing that happened 20 years ago and I apologized to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family, to the American people. I meant it then, I meant it now. I’ve had to live with the consequences every day since.”

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