For nearly a month now, the internet has been desperately trying to answer one question: where the heck is Melana Trump? Following the backlash from the Stormy Daniels scandal, she went 24 days without a single public appearance; not a walk across the White House grounds, not a ride in the car, not an appearance in a Snapchat. With so many people wondering about her, it’s nearly unbelievable that the managed to get to the hospital for kidney surgery on May 14 without anyone seeing her enter or leave. Now, insiders tell In Touch that her absense came after she reached her “breaking point,” and she may be quietly planning a “permenant” move back to NYC.

“Everyone is whispering that Melania got tired of the constant attention, the crazy expectations, and the nonstop humiliation,” an insider divulged. “This is not what she signed up for.” Another person said that the first lady is at her “breaking point,” and needs to make a change quickly to preserve her sanity. “All of it has proven to be too much for her. She was at the end of her rope and needed to walk away from it all.”

Now, many people close to the situation believe that while she was MIA from the White House (despite her mysterious tweet insisting she was there and Donald Trump‘s claims that she was inside) she was actually in NYC, prepping to return to her old triplex penthouse at Trump Tower. “Melania’s done with Washington, D.C.,” said one source, while another said once Mel goes, she may never come back. “I don’t know exactly when the move is supposed to happen, but it’s being talked about as a permanent move,” they said. Melania’s communications director Stephanie Grisham told In Touch that the first lady is not planning to move, but other sources say she’s simply waiting for Barron’s school year to wrap up on June 6.

Besides needing space, Melania could have another reason to return to New York: her mom. 72-year-old Amalija Knavs, who also lives in Trump Tower, is rumored to be sick and needing medical care, and Melania wants to support her through that. “She’ll always be committed to her mother,” said a source. “Melania would leave the White House in a hot second if it meant choosing between the role of first lady and her mom.” Melania’s friend, Pier 59 Studios founder Federico Pignatelli, confirmed to In Touch that her mom isn’t doing too well. “Melania’s mother had some health issues that older people have. Melania is always making sure her mother is well.”

Melania was finally spotted at an event honoring fallen soldiers on June 4, but she skipped a trip to Camp David two days earlier, and plans to skip the upcoming G7 summit which she appeared at in 2017, and isn’t going to the Singapore summit with North Korea. “No one knows what happened to her — but something is definitely going on,” said an insider. “We may never know the truth. No first lady in history has fallen of the face of the Earth like Melania has.”

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