Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel has long been critical of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s moves since stepping down from the royal family to move to the U.S. and build a business empire, and she roasted them hard in a new TikTok video describing how “everything they do is wrong.”

“Remember when I was completely trolled, harassed and canceled for saying that Meghan and Harry could f–k up a wet dream? How could someone botch something so badly?” Bethenny, 52, said Tuesday, July 25.

“I almost feel badly, like, I think I do feel badly, because I can’t imagine having so much at your fingertips and letting it all slip away because of living inside your own head,” she continued, adding, “And thinking every single thing that you do and say and want is so fascinating that you should be accepting awards at podiums around the world. Why? How do you do every single thing wrong?”

Bethenny reflected how their life as royals was one of the most high-profile positions in the world The couple went from going on royal tours and meeting with heads of state to now living a fairly isolated life in a Montecito, California, mansion while estranged from the royal family.

I have never seen a botched job like this in my life. I can’t imagine going from hero to zero like that. Having money, having opportunities,” she said. During their time as working royals, Harry and Meghan” housing, travel expenses and wardrobe were paid for while they served in the prestigious positions of president and vice president of the Queen’s Commonweath Trust.

Harry and Meghan’s fortunes have taken a turn for the worse since their initial move to the U.S. The pair signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, as well book publisher Penguin Random House, which published Harry’s January 2023 memoir, Spare.

While the couple’s December 2022 Harry & Meghan docuseries was success for Netflix, no other original projects have come to full fruition in the nearly three years since signing their deal. Spotify canceled their $20 million deal in June 2023 after only one podcast was delivered, Meghan’s 12 episode “Archetypes” in August 2022, with the pair reportedly failing to reach “productivity benchmarks.”

Things got even worse for Harry and Meghan when Spotify’s head of podcast innovation and monetization and popular podcaster Bill Simmons called the two “f–king grifters.” During his June 16 podcast, Bill said, “I have got to get drunk one night and tell the story of the Zoom I had with Harry to try and help him with a podcast idea. It’s one of my best stories … F–k them. The grifters.”

Bethenny agreed with the sentiment, saying, “These two grifters, how do you screw something up so badly? Go away for a long time.”

The couple have been exploring a return to royal life, an insider told In Touch exclusively. “Harry and Meghan have secretly reached out to Harry’s brother, Prince William, to discuss the possibility of returning to the royal family,” says the source, adding, “This is something they both want very much.”

The duo realizes their star power has taken a huge dive in the years since leaving the royal fold. “The Sussexes aren’t very popular in the U.S., ”the insider pointed out. “Whatever they do is constantly being ridiculed and misinterpreted.”

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