As the second-ever female bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean, season 7’s Raygan Tyler had some pretty big shoes to fill after Malia White did an impeccable job of leading the deck team for the prior two seasons. But she’s proved to be quite the opposite, providing little leadership, seen shirking her responsibilities and feeling the wrath of Captain Sandy Yawn for being “in over her head.” Here’s what we know so far about Raygan’s future on the show.

Raygan Has Been Warned By Captain Sandy Yawn to Step Up Her Leadership

So far, Sandy has personally witnessed Raygan avoiding or pawning off her duties, not directing her crew members in doing their jobs and taking frequent breaks while her staff works nonstop. In the July 25 episode, Sandy pulled Raygan aside to have a heart to heart with her about how she was failing in her position.

That came after Sandy’s suspicions about Raygan’s inability to lead were confirmed by Mzi “Zee” Dempers, a deck hand who worked under Malia in season 6 where she was hands on in passing along knowledge, giving solid direction and instructions and making sure her team worked as a cohesive unit.

“I need to be able to have a bosun I can trust, and a bosun that has guests’ priority,” Sandy told Raygan while explaining she needed to be far more organized while earning the respect of her deck team, which she has yet to gain. When Raygan said she had been trying to figure out weaknesses in her team members as a reason for not being more hands-on with assigning them duties, Sandy dropped the bomb that her deck team was fine and it was Raygan who needed to be looking at her own weaknesses as boss, while hinting she was going to have a short window in which to turn things around or possibly get let go.

Captain Sandy Scolded Raygan for Being Too Hungover to Work

Before her talk with Raygan, Sandy noticed the deckhands were all hard at work prepping for the day’s charter while their boss was nowhere to be found. She was in her bunk, sleeping off a night of hard partying the night prior. When she later told Sandy she had “food poisoning,” the captain, a recovering alcoholic, called her out that she was severely hungover and it was impairing her ability to do her job.

Guests Have Complained About Raygan

On the first charter of the season, one of the primary guests directly complained about Raygan, calling her out for her “bitch attitude” in not getting the water toys and activities that they wanted to partake in after lunch ready and nonchalantly responding to their requests without any urgency.

Does Raygan Get Fired From ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’?

While there’s no official word on if Raygan gets the ax, a Reddit post in May indicated that that she doesn’t finish out season 7. The poster said that Below Deck Med season 6 stew Courtney Veale would be joining the cast at some point during the season as a deck member, leading to speculation that one of the current deckhands gets bumped up to bosun after a possible Raygan departure.

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