Below Deck Sailing Yachts Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher finally found a boatmanace with the Parsifal III’s longtime engineer Colin MacRae, telling In Touch exclusively how they went from coworkers over the past three seasons to lovers.

“I knew Colin was single and there’s kind of always been something between me and Colin. So, in a way I was surprised, but I also wasn’t surprised, if that makes sense,” she explained in a video interview about how their romance came to be.

Daisy said she could tell there was a spark in prior seasons, even though they never acted on any feelings.

are daisy and colin still together
Courtesy of Daisy Kelliher/Instagram

“There were little moments that we’d like maybe brush hands or look at each other that I don’t think anyone else really picked up on. But I would kind of be like, oh a moment that lasted a little bit longer and it’s like, ‘is this something?'” she explained, adding, “But he always had a girlfriend, so I always just friend zoned in the whole situation and never kind of expected anything more.”

“We’re also very different, so I wasn’t sure how compatible we were. But yeah, I guess we were both single and ready to make out,” she told In Touch.

As for whether or not Daisy had been attracted to Colin in the two prior seasons they worked together, the Ireland born beauty said, “Yeah, I always thought Colin was a good-looking guy … I always find him very sweet and got on with him, but definitely I’m the kind of person who finds personality more attractive. So, the more I got to know him, the more I was attracted to him,” Daisy revealed, adding, “Of course I find him attractive.”

While Daisy says that the couple have a “complicated and a long journey ahead” in season 4 of the Bravo hit, she teased, “I’ve definitely seen him in the last few months … in what capacity you’ll have to wait and see.”

The sailing veteran’s romance with Colin complicates things aboard the Parsifal III, as Daisy and First Mate Gary King had a passionate hot tub makeout session in season 3. While fans cheered on a possible boatmance, Daisy says Gary was too late in letting her know how he really felt about her to make a go at a relationship.

“I felt like Gary came to me with his feelings a little bit too late and things may have been different if he had been more upfront in the past, but he didn’t, so that kind of set that record straight,” she explained.

Since Gary and Colin are best friends and bunk mates, the first mate finding out his pal was romancing the woman he cared for had a major impact.

“In regard to worrying about their friendship, I did worry. I definitely didn’t want to break up a friendship or anything like that. That’s the last thing I would’ve wanted. I was kind of expecting Gary to maybe kick off a bit, but not quite to the extent he did,” Daisy said about Gary’s heated reaction to her and Colin’s romance.

“I don’t think he really had a right to, but Colin also has an issue with Gary, which you’ll kind of see throughout the season. There’s a lot that happens and a lot to unpack during the season, for sure,” she added.

While the pair went their separate ways location-wise after filming ended, Colin and Daisy appeared to remain on good terms. The two met up in Los Angeles to celebrate his October 31, 2022, birthday.

Next to a series of Instagram photos of the duo enjoying a motorcycle date in the mountains above the ocean, Colin wrote about Daisy, “Birthday weekend off to an epic start with us happening to be in LA at the same time, and @eaglerider generously giving us a sick bike to blast around on for the day. 1700cc of power between my legs. Unreal!!”

Colin and Daisy had a romantic dinner date the following night at Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 chef Marco Spaziani‘s L.A. restaurant Marlou, where they playfully cuddled in photos.

below deck colin daisy still together
Courtesy of Colin MacRae/Instagram

The engineer has been at sea for most of 2023, as shortly after their reunion, Colin headed back to Costa Rica where he sailed his beloved catamaran Parlay Revival 2,000 miles up to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. He followed up that feat by sailing across the Pacific Ocean towards the eventual destination of his native New Zealand. As of July 2023, Colin was in French Polynesia. He captioned a June 20 video enjoying the crystal-clear water, “Living my best life…”

On the night of the show’s season 4 finale on July 10, Daisy shared a series of throwback photos from the crew’s last dinner together after the yachting season had ended. She posed in smiling snapshots with both Colin and Gary and wrote in the caption, “Not the easiest episodes for me to watch … the tears were real but finally getting some closure after a couple of tough months …. Another epic send off to an epic season with an incredible crew.”

Fans noticed that Daisy no longer follows Colin on Instagram, while several others pointed out that Gary and Daisy are currently filming the upcoming season 5 in Ibiza, while Colin is not taking part.

Things are apparently “toxic” between the former couple now. During a preview for part two of the reunion show, airing on July 18, Colin is seen saying, “This is why the relationship turned toxic. You can’t reason with this woman,” about Daisy, who then gets up from her chair and runs off camera in tears.

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