Can you believe that Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are already 15 weeks into their pregnancy? After they announced that they’re expecting in September, the couple shared their first sonogram with fans. On Tuesday, October 29, the Alaskan Bush People star posted the photo on his Instagram account. Raiven, who’d previously left the social media site, reactivated her account in order to do the same.

“Hey, everybody! Check it out! So amazing so awesome!”  Bear, 32, captioned the shot that was taken during his girlfriend’s ultrasound. “Raiven’s and my baby is at 15 weeks! I can’t wait to hold this little one in my arms!” In her post, Raiven, 21, continued, “We are officially 15 weeks and two days! Our baby is already stubborn. 😂 Crossed legs and the umbilical cord made it impossible for us to find out if it’s a boy or girl. But the heartbeat was 168. This little one looked like he or she was sucking [their] thumb and waving at us! 😂”

The model also revealed that their little one’s due date is April 19th as the father-to-be called the newest member of their wolf pack “a little miracle.” Though it’s a little early to be able to tell the gender — it doesn’t help that baby Brown wasn’t cooperating — several fans chimed in with their best guesses in the comments. “I’m starting to think you’re having a baby girl by the sounds of it,” one wrote. “High heartbeat, bad morning sickness, legs crossed — going by the old wives tales, it’s a girl. ❤️ Either way, it’s a blessing to be having a healthy baby.”

A second fan chimed in with the opposite opinion. “[With] the heartbeat at 168, I’m thinking boy,” they wrote with a heart and angel emoji. But Raiven isn’t so sure just yet. Though she didn’t offer her own opinion on the subject, she did write back. “They say [a] girl’s heartbeat is 140 and above,” she responded with a shrugging emoji.

In the past, the model revealed that she’s not hoping for one or the other when it comes to gender. During an October 2 Instagram Q&A she held for fans, she admitted she and Bear “don’t care either way.” According to her, they “just [want] a healthy baby.” But that doesn’t mean they’re not excited to find out. The couple already has some names in mind, and they’re planning on throwing a gender reveal for their little one as soon as they get the news.

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