Is there something going on in the bush? On Sunday, October 13, Bear Brown announced on Instagram that he was taking a bit of a break from the social media platform. Around the same time, his girlfriend, Raiven Adams, also decided to take a hiatus. Instead of sharing a post letting fans know where she’d gone, however, she decided to simply delete her account.

“Gonna be off Instagram for a little while!” Bear, 32, told fans. “Thank you, everybody! God bless!” Though fans were sad to see him go, they understood that he might need time to take care of himself and his family, especially considering the fact that he and Raiven, 21, are expecting. “I hope everything’s OK!” one of the Alaskan Bush People star’s followers wrote. “Take care of yourselves, your girl and your growing family. We will miss you. Another chimed in, “Hope dad is doing better. Keep us posted when you can. God bless!”

Bear Brown's Ex Fiancée Returns to Instagram After Deleting Her Account

This isn’t the first time the model has left the social media site. On Sunday, September 15, the mom-to-be slammed Instagram trolls before leaving the platform. “I’m always quick to want to prove haters wrong so they don’t get the satisfaction of winning when they are wrong, but I’m realizing responding at all is letting you win because you are getting the attention you clearly need,” she wrote. By the 20th, she’d reactivated her account, and by October, she’d given fans insight into why she was ready to return.

After Bear announced that they were giving their relationship another shot, she revealed that she was working on not worrying about others’ opinions of her. “What will you and Bear do differently together this time?” a fan asked during one of her frequent Q&As held on the platform. “Stop reading your opinions or caring what y’all think,” she wrote back plainly. “Not in a mean way. … I think we just cared too much [about] what people thought before.”

Hopefully, the break gives them time to focus on getting ready for their little one — and adjusting not just to their new life as a family, but to life off the grid in general. “The bush is for sure not the same as the city,” Raiven told fans.

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