Oh boy! Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara Evans have clashed a lot over the years, but their biggest point of tension yet may be Jenelle’s new husband David Eason. Babs definitely doesn’t approve of him, and on Nov. 27 she got even more proof to back up her feelings when a mutual friend reached out on social media to warn her about him.

“Barbara, I know first hand how David is,” wrote the girl who claimed to be the ex-girlfriend of David’s friend JD. “JD told me that David told him he is just using Jenelle,” she continued. “David also said he’s had it all planned out and has from day one, when it comes to his true intentions.” Yikes!

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The commenter goes on to explain that ever since David’s first wife (Maryssa’s mom) cheated on him, he’s become a “womanizer” that does everything for himself with no regard for others. “He even got his ex-gf pregnant with his son Kaden out of spite from his ex wife,” she wrote.

“He’s a f–ked up individual, a user, liar, and a piece of s–t. Jenelle will see his true colors sooner or later. If she doesn’t already and just doesn’t want to admit it. David is controlling her every move, especially since she has his daughter now. Just wanted to share that with you cause you’re right about how you feel about David.” The girl said she has faith that Jenelle will come to her senses eventually and that Babs needs to keep Jace from David if possible.

Of course, the comment could be from a fan that just wants to see Jenelle and David break up, and her whole story could be made up, there’s no way to know. But it does seem unhealthy that David has basically cut Jenelle off from her family and all of her co-stars by sending out these cease and desist letters, which Babs admitted to getting the same day as the comment. Hopefully Jenelle will reconnect with her mom sooner than later!

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