Both Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting aren't strangers to awkward moments — in fact, there's at least one per episode. The Duggars, who follow a long list of religious rules, often find themselves in situations that force them to apply rigid guidelines to everyday situations. Sure, watching a courtship unfold makes for interesting television, but man is it awkward!

You'd think since the family has been on TV since 2004, they'd be a little less…stiff. But we suppose it's hard to shake away those nerves when millions of intense fans are analyzing your every move. From tense proposals to the worst case of PDA we've ever seen, here are seven of the most cringeworthy moments from the Duggars' shows.

Jinger and Jeremy's Honeymoon Cooking Class

During Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar's honeymoon, they took a romantic cooking class together, which would've been a sweet moment between the two if they could've kept their hands off each other for two seconds. It was so bad, the chef had to scold them like they were children. Considering how conservative the family is, and how couples refrain from touching each other until marriage, seeing all this repressed sexual energy exert itself in weird, public places is….interesting to watch, to say the least.

Ben Asks Permission to Start Courting Jessa

The courting, where couples "date with the intent to marry," is already a pretty awkward process. Couples have to ask their parents for permission to even start the procedures, and then it just gets weirder from there. The video above of Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar is a perfect example of why. We can't think of anything more uncomfortable than standing in a tiny room with your parents while your soon-to-be husband asks for your hand in wedded courtship. Oh, and to make the situation even worst, your dad stands in the corner and records the whole thing!

The Hump Heard From Around the World

Yes, this actually happened. In the clip, Jim Bob Duggar bragged about being able to be sexual with his wife, unlike his daughter, Jessa, and her then-fiancé, Ben, who were confined by the don't-touch-each-other rules of courting. To illustrate his point, Jim Bob literally humped his poor wife on a mini golf course. The image has been, unfortunately, forever seared into our brains.

Josh's Proposal to Anna

Over the years, the Duggars got a lot better at proposals, but during the early days, they were straight-up painful. In this video, Josh Duggar proposes to Anna Duggar by surprising her in a restaurant with balloons. The two then just simply "wow" and "heh" at each other for three solid minutes. The drab-looking restaurant doesn't help things either.

Jim Bob Grills Jeremy Over His Finances

While having lunch with Jeremy and Jinger, who were in the middle of the courting process, Jim Bob decides to question Jeremy over his finances, asking if Jeremy's job as a preacher can support Jinger's shopping habit. Jeremy, caught off guard, doesn't even bother to answer the question, leaving the entire table to sit in an uncomfortable silence as Jim Bob flails around the conversation. The secondhand embarrassment is too real.

Jill's Pregnancy Announcement

This family is always announcing pregnancies, so we don't know why this particular one was so cringey. Jill and Derick Dillard decided to surprise their family by dropping in on their Bible study to tell them the big news. As Jill begins speaking, she can't force herself to say the word "pregnancy test," resulting in a couple of uncomfortable minutes that feel far longer. Fortunately, the rather strange moment is broken by Joy-Anna Duggar who literally chucks a Bible — an appropriate solution we might have to use one day in real life.

Joy-Anna and Austin Try Fondue for the First Time

When Joy-Anna and husband Austin Forsyth go on a honeymoon to Switzerland, the two decide to try out some regional delicacies. In addition to extreme cultural ignorance, the young newleyweds seem terrified of sparkling water (thinking it was wine) and appeared confused at the exotic notion of fondue — or, you know, cheese. Which we're pretty sure they have in Arkansas. What follows is a cute but uncomfortable moment as the Duggars battle the awkwardness of culture clashes. Now we're just hungry for fondue.

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