She’s setting the record straight! Audrey Roloff opened up about being “bombarded with negativity” during all of her major life choices: marriage, having a child, and walking away from Little People, Big World. Despite the constant criticism, Audrey revealed that she has no regrets.

“During our five-month engagement, Jeremy [Roloff] and I were bombarded with negativity from people who rolled their eyes and spouted sarcastic ‘good luck’ remarks at our future promise. Then there were comments from people who said things like, ‘Well, prepare to lose your freedom,’ Sigh,” the 27-year-old began her lengthy and heartfelt Instagram post on Oct. 15.

“Fast forward a couple years and we found out we were pregnant. This time the comments included things like, ‘Get ready to no longer have a life!’ Ha,” Audrey continued. “Then just a couple month ago we stepped away from the TV show and people would say things like, ‘Why would you walk away from TV? Seems like it gave you guys a lot of freedom.'” As you may recall, Jeremy and Audrey announced they were leaving the hit TLC show on July 10, after 14 years and 17 seasons.

“I think the meaning of the word — FREEDOM — has been grossly misinterpreted and skewed,” the mother-of-one passionately added in her latest post. “You see, getting married, having a baby, and walking away from the TV show are some of the most freeing things Jer and I have ever done in our entire lives. Did we have fears about each one? Yes. Did we feel unequipped or unqualified? Yes. But these life moments and decisions haven’t been confining, restricting, and inhibiting…they’ve been liberating, redeeming, and empowering.”

Audrey and Jeremy, 28, are just doing what makes them happy and several fans cheered them on. Despite it being a big change for all, Amy Roloff also previously released a statement revealing that she supported their decision to leave the show. Audrey and Jeremy have come a long way since tying the knot on Sept. 20, 2014, as they’re now proud parents of Ember, who recently celebrated her very first birthday. Now, we’re excited to see them embark upon new journeys!

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