Another day, another controversy for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff! The Little People, Big World couple can’t seem to catch a break these days. Whether it’s being mommy-shamed for baby wipes or slammed for wearing ripped jeans to a doctor’s appointment — yes, seriously — the reality stars have certainly been taking an online beating. Most recently, after snapping a seemingly innocent photo of their newborn daughter, Ember, the conversation turned to vaccines. Watch the video below for more details!

The reality star mana hasn’t had the easiest pregnancy. Since giving birth to baby Embs on Sept. 10, she was diagnosed with mastitis — a common illness that affects women who choose to breastfeed their babies.

According to WebMD, mastitis is defined as inflammation of the breast that is caused by an infection after bacteria enters the breast through the nipple via a cracked or sore nipple. Mastitis can also be caused by anemia, waiting too long in between breastfeeding sessions, or failing to empty the breast completely of milk. It can happen at any time while a mother breastfeeds, but it’s most likely to start between the first two or three weeks of birth to six months. It usually affects only one breast that can look red or appear warm to the touch, and the symptoms can include fever, chills, and body aches.

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Bye bye kitchen😥 Life update👇🏻(in case you don’t watch my instragram stories) 6 months ago Jeremy and l bought our first home, a bit of a fixer upper. l was 6 months pregnant at the time, but we decided to do a minor remodel, mostly we wanted to update our 1960’s kitchen and take out a wall to open it up to the living room. What we thought would take 4 weeks ended up taking 3 months… We finally moved in 3 weeks before my due date – still without a stove/oven and a few other lingering things to finished up. 11 days after my due date, we brought Ember Jean Roloff home, and she started rocking and ruling our world;) Flash forward 2 months – full of tears, doctors appointments, prayers, laughter, learning, sleepless nights, cuddles, hundreds of baby pics, take-out, and Netflix… we come to find out our dishwasher had been leaking water under our kitchen😭 and all our hard work would need to be ripped out and redone🤦🏼‍♀️ this time with a newborn baby and during the holidays… l was just starting to feel like l got my feet back under me again since having Ember, we finished pumpkin season, and we were days away from being able to cook our first home cooked meal. As they say, “If you can make lt through a remodel you can go through anything…” Well, looks like we are about to make it through two in one year🤷🏼‍♀️ Yesterday our entire kitchen got torn up (muchhhhh worse than this photo). To be honest, l was pretty heartached, angry, frustrated, and bitter for at least a solid 24 hours. Moving out/living under construction with a newborn is 👎🏻 But today the Lord reminded me of this simple yet significant truth. There is ALWAYS MORE to my story than what l can see, know, and understand. “…as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:18‬ ‭ So all this? l know He will work it for my good and His glory. The Lord is the author, l simply get to be a faithful narrator – His past faithfulness demands my present trust. #alwaymore #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent

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To make matters worse, the couple recently had to rip out their newly-renovated kitchen and announced that their cat, Pine, was sick. After revealing that the cat fell ill by eating toxic plants, Auj reached out for advice and recommendations, while also documenting her trips to the vet with the little guy. “Thank you everyone for your concern and suggestions relating to Pine,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “We think she ate some toxic plants. We’re keeping an eye on her but she seems to be doing a little better today.” We’re sure their luck is going to turn around soon!

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