Brittany Schmitt, Armie Hammer’s ex-fling, opened up about the actor’s “cannibalistic” kinks and revealed he pushed her to the “limit” when it came to biting.

“The thing that was tricky about him was that he was very open about everything,” Brittany, 34, explained on the Wednesday, January 24 episode of the “This Is The Worst Pod” podcast. “Anytime I had a question about anything, about the cannibalism, about all the stuff in the media, he was very willing to talk about it.”

The Wisconsin native said they had a conversation about the shocking claims that made their way into headlines, to which the Call Me By Your Name actor described his cannibalistic kinks as a “cycle of completion.”

“I’m inside of you, I want you to be inside of me,” she told cohost Brittany Furlan. When asked if the actor “actually ate people’s skin,” the comedian said no, but he did “push it to the limit with biting.”

“He will go as hard as you let him go with biting,” she explained, adding he never made her bleed. “I was consensual with everything that was going on and when I told him to stop, he would stop. I didn’t have the experience as the other girls, not negating any of their experience … I’m just saying my experience was different.”

Brittany then revealed she was “branded” by him on their first night together. “He did order a tattoo gun, [he] started tattooing strangers, he was calling it ‘cannibal ink,’” she joked as she showed off multiple tiny tattoos on her hands. “He thought he was like, being funny, and I’m like, ‘Maybe don’t lean into that.’”

While Brittany candidly spoke about her relationship with Hammer, the Death on the Nile actor has been the center of sexual assault allegations that first surfaced in early 2021. A woman, who identified herself as “Effie,” accused Hammer of raping her “for over four hours” in 2017 and alleged that he “mentally, emotionally and sexually” abused her. Shortly after her claims were made public, Hammer’s legal team denied the accusations, alleging that Hammer’s sexual encounters were “completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”

A docuseries titled House of Hammer was later released in September 2022 featuring the actor’s accusers and their statements against him.

Hammer broke his silence two years later and denied doing anything nonconsensual with his former partners.

“Every single thing was discussed beforehand,” Hammer alleged in an interview with Air Mail in February 2023, referring to BDSM practices between his “sub” partner and himself as the “dominant” person. “I have never thrust this on someone unexpectedly. Never. They’re the ones who can say ‘stop’ at any moment. They’re the ones who set the boundaries.”

The Social Network star did want to take “accountability for the fact that [he] was an a–hole” and admitted he “treated people more poorly than they should have been treated.” However, Hammer alleged that he and “Effie” engaged in a “consensual non-consent scene,” (CNC) and that she had arranged “all of the details” of the encounter, which was the one that she alleged was an assault. Hammer pointed out that he and the woman had discussed the “scene” online via Facebook Messenger. However, Hammer claimed that he had deleted all of the messages and that his lawyers had been unsuccessful with subpoenaing them from Facebook’s company, Meta.

The Mirror Mirror actor estimated that the allegations cost him between $14 to $16 million in legal fees and acting roles that he was allegedly fired from, noting he was “massively in debt.”

Despite the rough two years, Hammer was firm that he wouldn’t change anything.

“If someone came up to me and gave me a magic lamp and said, ‘There’s a genie in here, but it only gives you one wish. If you rub this lamp, the genie will come out and take you back two years in the past, and you could undo all of this,’ I wouldn’t do it,” the California native noted. “I’m now grateful for everything that’s happened to me, because, as it says in the ‘Twelve and Twelve’ [Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, the Alcoholics Anonymous guidebook], pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress.”

If you or anyone you know has been sexually abused, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). A trained staff member will provide confidential, judgment-free support as well as local resources to assist in healing, recovering and more.

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