It’s been nearly 14 years since the world was introduced to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie by way of their iconic reality series, The Simple Life. The socialites, who grew up together in Hollywood, quickly proved that there was no friendship stronger than theirs.

Who else could Paris count on to stand up for her when James from Season 2 called her dumb? That’s right, her go-to girl was Nicole, who told the rude host she’d “beat [his] f–king face in” if he made fun of Paris one more time. The definition of #friendshipgoals!

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So, of course, fans were heartbroken when Paris revealed in April 2005 — nearly two years after The Simple Life premiered — that she and Nicole were dunzo. “It’s no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends,” the hotel heiress said in a statement at the time. “Nicole knows what she did, and that’s all I’m ever going to say about it.”

While the catalyst for their falling out has never been confirmed, it was rumored that bad blood began brewing after Nicole showed Paris’ infamous sex tape, 1 Night in Paris, at a party celebrating the blonde beauty’s February 2005 hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Months later, Nicole stopped by the Today show to briefly address their feud.

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According to Lionel Richie’s daughter, she and Paris “simply grew apart” and insisted their conflict “just turned into a much bigger thing than it is.” In response to speculation that Paris had plans to replace Nicole on The Simple Life with her new bestie du jour Kimberly Stewart, Nicole said, “That was never going to happen.”

And it didn’t. Paris and Nicole continued to film the show — just not together — for its sixth season, aptly titled ’Til Death Do Us Part, in which the ladies would take on roles as wives and mothers for LA-area families. They made a concerted effort to never cross paths until the end of the season, when Paris confronted Nicole and said, “We have to talk.”

By the next and final season of their docuseries, The Simple Life Goes to Camp, it seemed as though Paris and Nicole had found some time to chat and finally patched things up. (Thank God!) The trucker-hat-and-tracksuit-loving duo were back in action and making us LOL again with their hilarious antics. Unfortunately, The Simple Life ended in 2007 after five funny AF seasons.

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While their friendship seemed to cool off once the cameras went away, Paris and Nicole still hold each other near and dear to their hearts all these years later. During a 2014 appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Nicole said that she will always have love for her former co-star.

“Paris is somebody that’s been in my life since day one,” the TV personality-turned-fashion designer said. “An idea of a true friend is somebody that’s going to be there with you through and through. I haven’t spoken to her in a while, but we are very good friends. I love her and I love her family. I have a lot of respect for her.”

And just a few days ago, Paris took to Instagram to wish Nicole a happy 36th birthday. “Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy for & proud of you…” the “Stars Are Blind” singer, 36, wrote. “I will always think of you as a sister & think of you often. Love & miss you.”

SanaSa forever, you guys. ?

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