The sixth season of 90 Day Fiancé premieres on Sunday, Oct. 21, but super fans have already checked out the first episode on TLC‘s website. And, we’ll be honest, we already have a lot of questions — and one of the couples that really stands out to us is Ashley and Jay. They seem like a super mismatched pair, but also like things just may work? Or Ashley will get played like so many other people on this show. Who can tell from Episode 1? But before we start speculating too much, let’s go over what we know.

How did Ashley and Jay on 90 Day Fiancé meet?

According to Ashley, they met in Jamaica while she was visiting the country for a wedding. During her stay, she went out with a few friends to a bar, and they met and hooked up. They didn’t stay in touch after she left, but when she got back to America, Jay found her on social media and they started messaging. Eventually they were talking all the time — and it wasn’t more then six months before she was traveling back to Jamaica to visit him again. During her trip, Jay proposed, and they decided it would be best it they moved to the States together.

On her Instagram, Ashley even wrote a tribute to her friend whose wedding it was. “This girl and this wedding is the reason I met [Jay],” she shared on a picture with her girl. “It was a beautiful wedding and an amazing vacation! This trip changed my life in so many ways and my life wouldn’t be what it is today without YOU!”

How old are Jay and Ashley?

Though Ashley doesn’t look that much older than her fiancé, she’s actually got 11 years on him. Though she’s 31 and ready to settle down, Jay’s only 20-years-old. His age is one of the reasons people are concerned that his motives might not be as pure as true love — but the 31-year-old insists that her fiancé is actually super mature even though a preview for the show features him promising to give her the “d” every day once they’re married and living together in America.

Let’s hope that the new reality star actually does have a grown-up side, though. Ash’s Instagram bio says that she’s a mother of two, and we can’t help but wonder if Jay is ready to be a step-dad at just 20-years-old. We’ll see if the TLC series answers that question, but right now it doesn’t look like her kids will be involved in the show.

Are Ashley and Jay still together IRL?

Ashley revealed in the first episode of the show that she’s been engaged twice before — and called off both weddings after she was cheated on. The promo for the season also hints that there will be even more cheating issues in her relationship with Jay. So will this couple make it down the aisle? Based on their Instagram accounts, it certainly seems like the couple is still together — though Ashley is willing to joke about their relationship at least a little.

The 31-year-old shared a meme of herself with Jay that joked that she wasn’t actually that into him. “How Ashley really feels about being with Jay,” the text on the image wrote, followed by a picture of a little girl from a viral video sneering at the camera. “Probably the funniest meme I have seen of myself this far,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

But she’s been serious about her relationship, too. “I love you so much and don’t know what I would do if you weren’t in my life!” Ashley told Jay in a birthday post shared earlier in October. She also called him her “favorite person” and them #couplegoals.

Jay posted more of the same, writing that his fiancé was “looking like a bag of #snacks” on one post and calling her his “woman crush everyday” on another. He even referred to Ash as his “wifey” in one Instagram, captioning the picture, “Me and wifey livin our best life.”

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But is Ashley actually his wife? Or is he just using “wifey” as an affectionate nickname? Spoiler alert! Starcasm reports that the couple did in fact tie the knot, and that their wedding was back in May. Apparently, they tracked down the couple’s registry — and a friend’s Facebook where they’d accidentally spilled the beans. As for how the journey to the aisle goes, well, we’ll have to see that one play out on TLC.

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