Aww! After two tragic miscarriages, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins are finally able to show off a big ol’ baby bump! On Oct. 18, the American 90 Day Fiancé star took to Instagram to post a photo of his wife’s bare belly, and she looks so cute!

In the sweet selfie, Karine is starting in front of the mirror wearing pants and a bra, and showing off her growing tummy. Clearly Paul is proud of his pregnant wife, happily posting the photo for the world to see.


As with all things 90 Day Fiancé, fans still found a way to throw shade in the comments. After Karine’s recent revenge porn scandal, fans were mad that Paul posted a photo of his wife wearing lingerie (as if expectant moms don’t do it all the time!) “Some things you shouldn’t post…. just saying….” said one offended fan. Another agreed, writing, “Is this revenge porn? She is wearing less now than in Mike’s pictures???” “Does Karine know you post stuff like this?” asked a third.

Of course, plenty of fans were thrilled to see Karine’s pregnancy progressing healthily, and sent all of their love and support. “She’s beautiful please be good to her I hope nothing but love n joy for u both,” said one, while another wrote, “God bless your baby boy and your marriage!!!!!” Several others simply said, “congratulations!”

Others fans expressed concern because Karine doesn’t seem to have a wedding ring on her finger in the photo. However, it’s possible that the image is flipped, so what we’re seeing may be her right hand. Other explanations: she’s getting in the shower, or her fingers could be too swollen from the pregnancy for her ring to fit. Judging by the fact that Paul posted it, we’re not too concerned about them having relationship problems! Best of luck, guys!


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