Girls can be just as rough and tumble as boys at the Duggar house — and Anna Duggar says her daughters are no different. After the occasional Counting On star shared photos of her sons playing with toy weapons, fans wanted to know if the girls were allowed to join in. The mom was happy to confirm that not only do they play along, they also kick butt.

“Nerf-gun wars [and] legos have kept us entertained this weekend! Hope you’re having as much fun as we are having at Pops & Lolli’s house!” Anna, 31, shared on Instagram on Sunday, February 8. “Did the girls get to play too?” one commenter asked. “Yes!” the mom of six answered. “My girls played in the nerf wars yesterday. They are super competitive and have a good aim — so l👀k out!!! 🎯 🔫”

Anna Duggar Says Her Girls Are Allowed to Play Gun Games Too
Courtesy of Anna Duggar/Instagram

Not everyone bought it, though — and the girls’ dresses and bows looked more appropriate for a family photo session than any kind of game. But the fact that the girls were all posing nicely while the boys were playing wasn’t the only thing fans noticed about the photo. They also took note of the fact that Mackynzie, Anna and Josh Duggar‘s oldest daughter, was holding Maryella, their youngest daughter.

“Oh god!!! Starting them young!!!” one wrote, calling out the parents for seemingly letting Mackynzie, 10, look after her infant sister. “Take care of your own baby!!!” they scolded the star. Instead of following in sister-in-law Jessa Seewald‘s footsteps and delivering a scathing clapback, however, the TLC alum decided to simply ignore the hate. But while she stayed silent, some of her other followers were quick to rush to her defense.

“I loved babies at that age. I loved babysitting. She’s holding [her] own sister. Come on, are you serious even putting this? Wow!!!” wrote one commenter. “I was baby crazy at that age, and my girl cousins and I would fight over who got the baby,” added a second. “No one ever had to force a baby on me.” It seems the same is true for Anna’s oldest. In January 2020, she shared an adorable photo of Mackynzie cuddling up to her new baby sister, joking, “Sometimes I have to wait in line for Maryella!”

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