Does Anfisa Arkhipchenko have a bun in the oven? 90 Day Fiancé fans think that Anfisa could be pregnant and expecting a baby with her husband Jorge Nava and it’s all because of the way she’s posing in a recent photo. Watch the video above to see the picture!

It’s unclear if Anfisa was posing with her hands over her belly to try to conceal a baby bump or not, but this wouldn’t be the first time fans thought she was pregnant. In a trailer for the current Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, it seemed like Jorge had a baby and fans thought it would be with his wife Anfisa, but it turns out that Jorge might be the father of a little girl with a woman that he allegedly hooked up with long before he met Anfisa. Anfisa made it clear that if Jorge had been hiding the fact that he is already a father, that things would be over between them.

jorge and anfisa

But Anfisa seems to be open to the idea of having children, and she opened up about it during a couples therapy session that was featured in a recent episode. The therapist asked Jorge and Anfisa if they had planned to have kids togehter at some point in the future and while Jorge seemed to say “yes,” Anfisa was hesitant because of all of the issues they were already having only a year and a half into their marriage.

“Honestly, right now I just feel like everything’s falling apart and I don’t know how everything is gonna work out,” Anfisa told the therapist, and then she started crying. She also revealed during her confessional that she always wanted to start a family with Jorge and that’s part of the reason why she moved from Russia to the United States.

“I just don’t think Jorge wants to have a family with me,” Anfisa said and she said she didn’t want to talk about it on camera.

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